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Events takes place outside, please dress appropriately. No open toe shoes.
This is the main attraction, you don't want to miss this one! Cold, dark hallways lead you to your worst nightmare. The smell of rotting corpse fills the air and every turn is filled with suspense and thrills. You will be stalked by the monsters that roam within. Beware of the butcher as no victim is safe. This unique haunted house with demented scares and effects that invade the visual and aural senses to mess with your mind, balance, and sense of reality. You will never be the same once you experience Zombie's Haunted House. This is the ultimate experience sure to give you nightmares!
Zombie's Haunted House
Scarecrows Revenge
Paintball Shoot
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Step back in time for an old fashion carnival dark ride experience.
Nightmare Castle Dark Ride
The unique paintball experience where you shoot but don't get shot. Embark on your mission to shoot the zombies and other targets, a truly unique expirience for indivduals or groups